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About Granny

Granny is a first-person horror adventure game. Your task is to move your character around the house and be able to interact with almost anything. Do you think you can escape the house of horror?

How to play

Make noise while moving rooms. Granny hears you. Use this to distract her while you do time-consuming tasks. Granny will notice if you hide. She's very focused and can pinpoint any sound, but she's not smart and easily duped.

Find Granny-beating items in the house. No one knows where the items you need are at the start. Drop items quietly. Dropping items on soft furniture, cabinets, desks, shelves, tables, and grass works.

Observe creaking floors to avoid noise. Then you can move through rooms quietly. Outrun Granny. Unless cornered, you can run faster than Granny. Closing doors also delays her.

Control: Action = Escape, Move = WASD, Crouch/Stand = C, Hide/Unhide = R, Pickup/Interact = E, Drop = Space, Remove bear traps/Place/Use = F, Shoot = Left click, Spray = Left click.


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