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About The Baby In Yellow

The Baby in Yellow is a horror game. Your job is to be a patient babysitter and take care of a fussy baby who wants to scare you. No babysitter gets paid enough to deal with this demon baby.

How to play The Baby in Yellow 

Here are the basic steps to play the game:

  • Click on "play" to start the game. You will begin the game in a dark room with a flashlight as your only source of light.
  • The objective of the game is to find the baby, who is hiding somewhere in the house. You will need to explore the rooms and look for clues to help you find the baby. As you search the house, you will need to avoid the ghost that is haunting the place. If the ghost catches you, the game is over.
  • Use the flashlight to illuminate dark areas and interact with objects by clicking on them. Pay attention to the environment and look for any clues or hints that can help you find the baby.
  • Once you find the baby, you will need to bring them to a safe location before the ghost catches you. The game ends when you successfully escape the house with the baby.

It's important to note that The Baby in Yellow is a horror game and may not be suitable for all audiences. If you feel uncomfortable or scared while playing, it's best to stop and take a break.

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