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About Venge is a first person shooter game in which you battle against real-time players from all around the world. Aim and shoot precisely to dominate the arena.

There are 5 different maps:

  • Sierra - Unlock tiers by staying in the green area. The game takes place in a desert.
  • Tundra - Eliminate the opponents to rank up and try all different weapons in a winter-like map.
  • Mistle - Try to push a minecraft to the side of your opponent.
  • Temple - Collect the coins after you kill an opponent and take them to the green area in the temple.
  • SandstormBlitz

The game features 4 different heroes inlcuding Lilium, Shin, Echo, and Kulu. Each has unique abilities and play styles. Try out all of them and find the one that fits your play styles.

You can use a wide range of weapons to defeat the opponents.

Release Date

June 2020

Developer was developed by Cem Demir (TheLlamaMomma).

How to play

WASD to move.

Space to jump.

Left-click to shoot.

R to reload.

1-4 to change weapon after death.

E to melee attack.

F to grenade.

B to turn cards.

H to dance.

Enter to chat.

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